Celluloid Studio Asuka Langley Figure (NSFW)

Celluloid's Latest Release Shatters the Myth of 2D Beauty with a Bold and Playful Design

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Celluloid Studio Asuka Langley

Asuka Langley – Celluloid Studio

Asuka Langley – Celluloid Studio: Who says pretty girls don’t go to the bathroom?  Celluloid released a shocking new EVA figure, everyone’s favorite tsundere, Asuka Soryu Langley! This figure breaks the limits with its lifelike and provocative design. It is said to come with a soft accessory that resembles feces!Celluloid Studio Asuka Langley

This Asuka figure is 1/6 scale and stands 20 centimeters tall. The brand has taken action to debunk the myth that 2D pretty girls can’t poop! But even though she can poop, why does she have a face of enjoyment?

The blushing cheeks and sticking out tongue give her a characteristic manga-style appearance. The slightly raised chin seems to be pleading for something. The slipping shoulder strap and faintly visible outline of the European-style toilet are quite eye-catching.

Celluloid Studio Asuka Langley

In addition to the standard version of the clothing, the premium version also includes interchangeable body parts! Both versions come with a soft poop accessory, which can be seen as a quirky Easter egg.

Celluloid Studio Asuka Langley

To match the body shape, the premium version also includes a black-faced head sculpt. The eye-rolling expression is quite captivating. It turns out that your XP, Asuka, is quite provocative!

Celluloid Studio Asuka Langley

Furthermore, the premium version includes a half-section toilet base, allowing you to enjoy a vivid scene of your childhood goddess using the toilet from the side.

Celluloid Studio Asuka Langley

The sectioned toilet also features a water splash effect piece that can be easily removed or installed.

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