Aura Sphere! Evolution Series Lucario Family Statue

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Unveiling the Legendary Aura Sphere – Capturing the Lucario Family in a Resin Statue by PPAP Studios!

Welcome to the world of PPAP Studios, where we bring the beloved characters of the Pokemon franchise to life! From Pikachu to Lucario, their resin statues allow you to get up close and personal with your favorite pocket monsters. Today we’re introducing the Evolution Series Lucario Family Statue – a gorgeous resin replica of the Lucario family from the hit video game series. Get ready to take home an unforgettable piece of Pokemon history!

This beautiful statue stands at 30 cm tall and features a stunning representation of a Riolu, two Lucarios, and a Mega Lucario, encircled by a water-like Aura Sphere. Beneath them is a base decorated with rocks, ice and snow, which shows their resident nature. It’s perfect for a desktop display or for Pokemon fans of any age, this is your chance to have a piece of the Lucario family in your home.

This impressive piece is made from high-quality cold cast resin and PU and hand-painted to the highest standards. Every detail has been carefully crafted, from the articulation of their powerful tails to the unique markings on each Lucario’s fur. All of them look like in a battle and are fighting bravely–no wonder that Lucario is one of the coolest Pokemon in Pokemon fans’ hearts!

Let’s take a look at the details: the Riolu is standing with aura effect in its hand. It’s even smiling confidently, as if nothing can frighten it. The two cute little ears on its head and the “puppy-ears” on sides of its head makes it even cuter.

The two Lucarios start to show some true power. One is pushing its aura foward, as if it’s attacking. It is made into a dashing position, which seems very powerful. The other one is staying on the rocks staring front, which is like a defense mode, while its paw is also holding a bone stick, waiting to attack at any time.

The Mega Lucario is above them, holding a huge Aura Sphere in its hands. Its tails and braids are waving in the blowing wind caused by the aura of four of them and looking firmly to the front.

As for the back of the statue, PPAP also made some details: little stones and rocks are blown by the aura effect, and some snow is also hit to the other side, which forms a beautiful combination background.

The perfect combination of artistry and engineering, the Evolution Series Lucario Family Statue captures the power and presence of the Lucario family in a compact, collectible form. Bring home a piece of Pokemon history – order your very own Evolution Series Lucario Family Statue today!

Evolution Series Lucario Family -PPAP Studios

Material: Resin + PU

Size: H30 * W28.5 * D29.5cm Estimated

Limited to 188pcs

Will release in Q4 (December) 2023 estimated

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