Magical! 1/7 Scale Battle Costume Sakura Kinomoto Statue Reveals

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A new official figure of Sakura Kinomoto, the well-known Card Captor, by SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE (SSF), is finally revealed.

This 1/7 scale figure is about 36.6 cm high and 31.5 cm wide. The figure uses the shape of Sakura in the animation. With the cute little demon -shaped cute hat on her head, Sakura is holding the transparent card “THE WIND” in her left hand, and her magical wand in her right hand. Her cute dress is decorated with some yellow balls, and the translucent ribbon behind her is embellished with color and stars. Under the white translucent wings thrown from the hem, it is also made of translucent parts.

The sophisticated sculpting of this figure is really impressive, the color gradation and the combination of translucent parts make it look even more vivid. Moreover, the wing-like parts have been carefully painted one by one in order to emphasize the magical atmosphere. The delicate movement of her face expresses her brave and calm expression, and the beautiful gradation of the color of her hair brings out the cute nature of Sakura.

In addition, the base of the figure is made of magical floating swirl-like stairs. And there’re also some decorations which look just like magic lay lines. You can see that Sakura is standing on a piece of ice, which reminds us of the battle against THE WATER card–Sakura managed to let THE WATER dash into cold storage and get frozen. That’s a smart tactic. The details show the efforts that SSF has put into this figure, which has been created with the utmost care, making it seem as if Sakura has been brought to life and is about to take on the magical enemies facing her. You can feel the dynamism of the figure with her fluffy hair floating in the air, and her vivid expression.

Not only did SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE (SSF) pay attention to the expressiveness of the figure, but also to the details of the clothing and accessories. For example, the hem of the skirt has a beautiful frill. The hem of the skirt has a beautiful frill and her whole figure has been delicately sculpted, seemingly freezing her in the middle of her battle.

This figure of Sakura captures her essence perfectly and will definitely make a great addition to any Card Captor fan’s collection. So, if you’re a fan of Sakura Kinomoto, don’t miss out on this amazing figure. Get it now while you still can and own a piece of the magical world!

1/7 Scale Battle Costume Water Ver. Clear Card Sakura Kinomoto – SSF Studios

Material: ATBC-PVC + ABS

Scale: 1/7 Scale

Size: Height 36.6cm Estimated


Will release in Q1 (March) 2024 estimated.

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