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Little Love Studio has recently released a brand new Anya figurine: the 1/6 scale Practice Anya Forger

Spy X Family is undoubtedly one of the hottest animations in recent years. The family composed of three unrelated people often erupts with some laugh-out-loud incidents, and the characters of the animation are also very outstanding: the cool and handsome spy father, the beautiful and easily shy killer mother, and the most popular super-powered little girl-Anya, her kid-like utterances and cute appearance are really likable. This time, Little Love Studio has designed a 1/6 scale Anya figurine, which can be said to be very cute!

Anya wears loose home clothes, stands on a pile of books, presents a balance posture often seen in martial arts practices, stares seriously, as if to say: Hey! Her hair is tied up behind her head, and even with the rarely seen hairstyle, it is still very cute.

The design of the base of the figurine is a cute ice cream shape, the state of the melted strawberry ice cream is tempting, and there are also some crayons scattered on it. Above the ice cream, there are some small details: first of all, two stacked building blocks, with a shaky red tea on top, and some of Anya’s classic expressions engraved around the building blocks!

On the other side of the character is Anya’s doll Chimera, also showing a floating state. Under Anya’s feet is the penguin given to her by Twilight papa, and on the right are some books and photos, all of which are Anya’s classic expressions in the animation, like a photo album. A skipping rope circles the figure in a very dynamic posture, and the atmosphere of the whole figurine is very dramatic but still cute.

If you buy it now, you’ll also get Yor Forger’s background board! Let Anya and Mom practice together!

1/6 Scale Practice Anya Forger – Little Love Studio

Material: Resin + PU

Scale: 1/6 scale

H23.1 * W15.2 * D13.6cm estimated

Limited to 168 pcs

Will release in Q3 2023 estimated.

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