Calling of the Ocean: 1/7 Scale Skadi the Corrupting Heart

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Let’s have a quick review of the official 1/7 Scale Elite 2 ver. Skadi the Corrupting Heart statue made by Myethos Studios!

When it comes to collectible figures, Myethos is known for creating stunningly detailed models that capture the essence of the original source material. Their latest release, Skadi the Corrupting Heart from the popular mobile game Arknights, is no exception.

Measuring in at a whopping 1/7 scale and standing at 30 centimeters (12 inches) tall, Skadi is an imposing figure with intricate details that bring her design to life. This figurine perfectly replicates the character’s in-game Elite 2 design, as Skadi walks from the ocean onto land with her giant sword discarded (which you can see on the base), and her new weapon in her hand. She is dressed in the attire of the Iberian troubadour, with her white hair streaming in the breeze and her red eyes gazing off into the distance, emoting infinite sadness within.

The Deluxe Edition of Skadi includes the Seaborn, further replicating the character’s beautiful and terrifying Elite 2 illustration. The Seaborn lurks behind Skadi’s beautiful figure, adding an eerie and unnamable beauty to the overall composition. Its tentacles are wrapped around Skadi’s weapon box, like a devoted follower, and even looks a bit cute.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of this figurine: Skadi herself is beautifully posed, with her skirt and hair flying in the air, and each fold of her red dress appears natural and graceful. The treatment of the ribbons is also not overlooked, with Myethos carefully restoring her every piece of garment with a dynamic shape. From the side, her cuff lace also looks very soft, and you can catch a glimpse of her shoulders’ “absolute domain” due to the 3D nature of the figure, a feast to the eyes.

When looking at her weapons, the wand’s conch is realistically reproduced, as if real shells were used. Her sword is also expertly rendered with metal texture and rust stains, and even her name is engraved onto it. She has both discarded and gained something; she is Skadi, yet she is no longer Skadi.

Skadi’s legs are pale and slender, and the metal texture of her boots is also very well done. The black rope climbing on her leg is an intriguing design, which always reminds me of the original creator’s excellent work.

The details of the Seaborn should not be underestimated either: Myethos perfectly restored the original appearance of this creature in the game, which can be said to be very hardworking! Every sucker of the Sea Incarnation is clearly visible, and the coloring is also perfect.

By the way, if you order it, you will be given a free gift: Special Bonus Acrylic Hanging Pendant (Height 6cm Estimated), which is with a cute version Skadi on it, as well as Arknight’s logo.

Overall, the Elite Skadi figurine is an amazing piece of craftsmanship, and it is a must-have for any fan of the Arknights game and Skadi the Corrupting Heart. Highly recommended!


1/7 Scale Elite 2 ver. Skadi the Corrupting Heart

Studio: Myethos Studios

Material: PVC + ABS + Metal

Scale: 1/7

Standard ver.:Total Height 30cm Estimated (Including Character & Base)

Deluxe ver.:Total Height 32cm Estimated (Including Character & Base & Seaborn)

Will release in Q1 (March) 2024 estimated.

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