Dodomo Studio Cynthia Figure

Breaking the Mold of Collectibles: Cynthia and Lucario in a Shame-themed Pokémon Masterpiece

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Dodomo Studio Cynthia

Cynthia – Dodomo Studio

Cynthia – Dodomo Studio: Dodomo, known for their risqué figures, have announced pre-orders for a very popular Pokémon character.   Making her debut in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, we have the final opponent, Cynthia, pushing the boundaries of shame-themed collectibles even further! Instead of going for the typical, being Cynthia’s Lucario isn’t a bad idea, right?

Dodomo Studio Cynthia

This work is available in two versions, with a 1/6 scale, and the DX version includes Lucario accessories. Looking at the images really opened my eyes – we didn’t know Cynthia could be this playful!

Apart from the cute Lucario, Cynthia’s charming figure is quite appealing! The leash and lingerie are detailed with lace patterns, and with the furry boots, she exudes a mature queenly aura.

Dodomo Studio Cynthia

Due to the exceptional physique of this Cynthia, some parts had to be covered up. Dodomo has always excelled at portraying curvaceous characters, especially mature and elegant ones.

Dodomo Studio Cynthia

Here, we wanted to show the exquisite lace details, but you can only see a tiny bit of it! Additionally, you can faintly see the marks from the corset on the fabric.

Dodomo Studio CynthiaDodomo Studio Cynthia

Lucario on the side is fully equipped with a blindfold, ball gag, and a neck collar. Not only is it wearing a little suit, but its hands are bound behind its back.

Dodomo Studio Cynthia

From the back view, the lace edges of the lingerie follow the contours of the skin, making it quite captivating! The detailing on Cynthia’s leg garter is also quite alluring.

Dodomo Studio Cynthia

In addition to the lace lingerie design, both versions of this Cynthia come with interchangeable body parts! Not only are the headlamps impressively bright, but the details are incredibly lifelike.

Aside from the DX version with Lucario, you can also choose the regular version featuring just Cynthia. Both versions come with interchangeable bodies, but we feel that Lucario is the highlight of this piece.

Overall, we have another winner from Dodomo Studios.  Fans of their figures may want to keep their eyes on this Pokémon champion!

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