Dodomo Tatsumaki Tornado of Terror

Get Ready to Tremble with Excitement at the Exquisite Details of This Limited-Edition Collectible

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Dodomo Tatsumaki

DODOMO – Tatsumaki Tornado of Terror

After the infamous “Power” from “Chainsaw Man”, Dodomo’s crotch-grabbing shame object has now released a new product featuring the shivering Tatsumaki, from One Punch Man. With a price just above 1000 RMB, it’s a steal for the full body replacement parts included.Dodomo Tatsumaki

This 1/6 scale Dodomo Tatsumaki figure stands at 28cm tall, with a pose that shows off her undergarments blowing in the wind. Just like Power, the figure’s design is detailed and features fabric pressed into the skin, creating a realistic texture.

Dodomo Tatsumaki

The figure’s design is similar to that of the original manga, portraying Tatsumaki as a “pseudo-loli true-onee-san” with a slender upper body and long legs. Her curvy hips are also a highlight, and her shapely thighs are a feast for the eyes.

Dodomo Tatsumaki

Through the fabric, you can see a beautifully proportioned opai (Japanese slang for breasts), with details that accurately capture the feel of Murata’s artwork. The fluttering hemline of her skirt is tantalizing, and the overall design is even more visually striking than the full-body replacement parts.

Dodomo Tatsumaki Dodomo Tatsumaki

Despite being a super-powered character, Tatsumaki’s toned and perky buttocks look like they’ve been worked out for ages, adding to the allure of the figure. The fabric of her undergarments disappears into the crevices of her plump hips, and the lifelike skin texture is painted in a rosy hue.

Dodomo Tatsumaki Dodomo Tatsumaki Dodomo Tatsumaki

Looking up at the figure from a low angle, you can feel Tatsumaki’s imposing and sophisticated atmosphere, with her long and slim legs adding to the sensual allure.

Dodomo Tatsumaki

Aside from the body parts that emphasize her curves, this figure also includes a battle-damaged version, where the lower half of her dress has been torn away, revealing her small headlights. The figure is limited to 388 pieces, priced at a very affordable 1180 RMB. The expected release date is in the fourth quarter of 2023.


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