HEX Collectibles Unveils “Uchiha Madara” Statue

This highly-detailed statue captures Madara's prime appearance and comes with an impressive display base.

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Hex Madara

HEX Collectibles – Uchiha MadaraHex Madara

Studio: HEX Collectibles

Character: Uchiha Madara

Expected Ship Date: Q3 2024

Global Edition Size: 700 Units

Product Dimensions: H70.3xW47.7xD41cm

Product Weight: 18.2KG

Product Materials: Resin, polystone, PU, PVC, etc.Hex Madara

This 1/4 scale HEX Collectibles Uchiha Madara statue from the Naruto Shippuden series is designed and created by HEX Collectibles. The product stands approximately 70.3cm tall and features Uchiha Madara in his prime.

Hex Madara

In his prime, Uchiha Madara wore a dark red layered armor that protected his vital areas such as his shoulders, back, and sides during battles. The battle-worn armor, marked with sword scars and rust, is sculpted with intricate details. The yellowed and tattered ropes and connections add to the overall worn-out texture. The interior of the armor reveals the traditional black-purple combat suit of the Uchiha clan, which is sculpted with realistic fabric texture and layered wrinkles to reflect the changing stance of the character.

Hex Madara

Uchiha Madara stands on a rocky base with one foot on a pile of stones. He makes a tiger hand seal with his left hand, and his right hand holds a long-handled sickle that extends to the side and is connected to a flame-shaped fan behind his back by a chain. His black hair flies in the air, covering his cold and stern face. Uchiha Madara looks forward with his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan glowing red, hiding his immense power.

Hex Madara Hex Madara Hex Madara Hex Madara Hex Madara Hex Madara

The statue’s round base is carefully crafted to resemble a rocky terrain, and Susano’o’s waist armor and star-shaped forehead protector decorate the base. Susano’o’s blue translucent rib cage surrounds Uchiha Madara’s body, and Chakra flames burst from the rocky base and dance with the character’s clothes. The dynamic design, created with dedication and craftsmanship, creates a sense of being on the battlefield.

Hex Madara Hex Madara Hex Madara

As HEX Collectibles’ brand philosophy suggests, we strive to break the boundaries of design by constantly innovating and capturing the essence of our beloved characters. Known for our dynamic style, we continue to bring our favorite anime characters into our reality.

Hex Madara Hex Madara Hex Madara Hex Madara Hex Madara Hex Madara Hex Madara

Make sure to add this Uchiha Madara statue to your Naruto Shippuden collection today!

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