Evolution of Arcanine from EGGS Studio Revealed

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–A majestic oriental beast standing in the flames is waiting for you!

Eggs Studio recently opened pre-order for a new GK statue: Evolution of Arcanine. The bursting mane of Arcanine looks majestic, and it looks even more visually striking with the special flame effect base!

This Arcanine statue is 27.5 cm in height. At first glance, the tall and mighty figure is very eye-catching. The lion-like mane and strong limbs seems like a reflection of oriental traditional beasts!

In contrast, the two Growlithes look very petite and cute–one of them is still standing on the back of the Arcanine, which should imply that it can carry people.

In all, this statue is surely of high quality and well designed. It will be a great choice for Pokemon fans and collectors!

Evolution of Arcanine – EGGS Studio

Material: Resin + PU

Size: H27.5 * W26 * D26cm 


Will release in Q3 (September) 2023 estimated.

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