Gengar Statue with Triple Light Effect

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New Gengar statue by Sun Studio has revealed

Gengar is a super popular Pokemon in the series, with its mischievous smile and ghostly abilities preparing for a sneak attack on its enemies. Recently, Ash, who won the Pokemon World Championship, also has a cute and powerful Gengar! Owning a Gengar is definitely a dream for many Pokemon fans.

Sun Studio has revealed a new Pokemon Skill Series, and the first to come is Shadow Ball Gengar and Will-O-Wisp Gengar. There are two versions, one solid color and one transparent, both with night light, fluorescent, and LED lighting effects!

This Will-O-Wisp Gengar is 16 centimeters high, as shown in the picture in solid color. Although the size is not large, the special effects are very brilliant!

The transparent version of Gengar’s body has a good translucent feel, and it is more crystal clear under the light effect.

The other Shadow Ball Gengar is 15 centimeters high, also with two color options. The LED built into the light ball in its hand can be lit up.

Both Gengar statues not only have built-in LED lighting effects, but also night light and fluorescent effects! The different colors of the lighting effects are also different, making them not only cool but also super cost-effective!

This Gengar Statue set is quite small in size, which makes it easy to display on desk or bookcase. But the design is exquisite. Don’t hesitate to get one for your collections!

Shadow Ball Gengar & Will-O-Wisp Gengar with LED – Sun Studio

Material: Resin + PU + LED


Shadow Ball Gengar:H15 * W12 * L14cm Estimated

Will-O-Wisp Gengar:H16 * W15 * L16cm Estimated


Will release in Q3 (September) 2023 estimated.

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