Figma Mona Lisa Figure Release

The 12th Release Features Leonardo da Vinci's Masterpiece in 3D

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Mona Lisa

Figma – Mona Lisa

Mona LisaThe “Desktop Museum” series under Figma has been revamped, and the 12th release of this series features the world’s most famous and mysterious beauty, “Mona Lisa,” a masterpiece by the genius Leonardo da Vinci.


The previous works in the Desktop Museum series were all very interesting~ Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Mona LisaThe masterpiece featured this time, “Mona Lisa,” is an oil painting created by the Italian Renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci and is currently housed in the Louvre Museum in France. The painting mainly depicts the elegant and tranquil typical image of women and shapes the image of a bourgeois woman in an urban property-owning class during the rise of capitalism. Mona LisaFigma boldly reproduces the still controversial “smile of Mona Lisa” in three dimensions. In addition, the lower half of the painting, which was not depicted in the painting, has been interpreted in a unique way to challenge the reproduction of the full-body image of Mona Lisa. Mona LisaMona Lisa gives you a thumbs up! Mona LisaAlong with the transformation of the painting into a model, it comes with a specially designed background frame accessory. It can display the appearance of the model that seems to have jumped out of the painting. Please also look forward to the Desktop Museum series, which allows you to appreciate famous works from a new perspective.

Mona Lisa looks like a rapper! Mona LisaYou little rascal, I caught you doing something bad! Mona LisaActually, she has wanted to jump out of the frame a long time ago~ Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Mona Lisa

Using Figma’s original joint parts, which are easy to pose and not easy to slide, various actions are reproduced. It comes with a background frame accessory depicting a museum wall and a figma-specific base with a movable support. It also includes unique lower-body parts and a variety of hand parts.


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