Ichimaru Gin Zodiakos Studio Bleach Statue

A limited edition statue capturing the complex character of Ichimaru Gin

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Ichimaru Gin Zodiakos

Ichimaru Gin – Zodiakos Studio

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of the second series of authentic BLEACH – Jue Jie statues from Zodiakos Studio, it’s time to take a closer look at one of the most anticipated pieces in the collection: the Ichimaru Gin Zodiakos Studio statue.

Standing at 36cm tall and made with a combination of polystone, PU, and ABS materials, this statue is an accurate representation of the captain of Squad 3 from the BLEACH series. With only 99 pieces available for purchase, fans are sure to jump at the opportunity to own this incredible piece of art.

The statue is based on an authorized design from Tite Kubo, the creator of BLEACH, and is licensed by Medialink. The attention to detail in the sculpting and painting is impressive, with Ichimaru Gin’s trademark half-closed eyes and the intricate design of his uniform captured perfectly.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Ichimaru Gin is a complex figure in the BLEACH universe. He is known for his cold, emotionless demeanor and his ability to deceive those around him. However, his love for his childhood friend and his willingness to sacrifice himself for her showcases a softer side to his character.

The statue captures both sides of his character flawlessly, with his eyes conveying a sense of mystery and a hidden depth of emotion. It’s no wonder that fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the release of this statue.

The pre-order for the Ichimaru Gin statue opens on November 18th at 8 pm. With a deposit of 3xxx and a total price of 1xxx, fans will want to act fast to secure their piece of this limited edition statue.

Overall, the Ichimaru Gin statue from Zodiakos Studio is an impressive addition to any BLEACH fan’s collection. With its attention to detail and accurate representation of the character, it’s sure to be a popular piece among fans for years to come.

Ichimaru Gin Zodiakos

Product information:

Copyright: Tite Kubo / Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot Licensed by Medialink

Product scale: 1:6

Product dimensions: Height: 36cm | Width: 30cm | Depth: 25cm

Product materials: polystone, PU, ABS

Product quantity: 99pcs (CN)

Expected shipping time: Q2 2023 

Ichimaru Gin ZodiakosHe called himself a snake, with cold skin and no emotions, only seeking prey and devouring it in one bite. He was also the most devoted person, sacrificing himself for his loved ones, enduring humiliation and abandoning friends and family, spending a century as an undercover agent beside Aizen, all to retrieve what he lost from his childhood sweetheart. Ichimaru Gin Zodiakos

He was Matsumoto Rangiku’s childhood friend and a prodigious child on par with Hitsugaya Toshiro. His half-closed eyes were his disguise, and his goal was to change the Shinigami world. With his keen insight, perfect disguise, and calm half-closed eyes, shoot him down! He’s the God Spear, Ichimaru Gin!

Ichimaru Gin Zodiakos

With his bewitching half-closed eyes and a deep, ocean-like soul, Ichimaru Gin is a man who would sacrifice himself for his loved ones.

Ichimaru Gin Zodiakos Ichimaru Gin Zodiakos Ichimaru Gin Zodiakos Ichimaru Gin Zodiakos

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