“Carrot·Moon Lion” Statue from One Piece

Unleash the Power of Carrot's Lunar Form in this Spectacular Collectible

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One Piece

Light Year studio has just announced their first One Piece figure, featuring Carrot! This is a must have for any One Piece fan!

One Piece

Carrot is the first Mink that Luffy and his crew encountered upon arriving at Zou. When Carrot first appeared, she briefly fought with Zoro using electric attacks. As she had always dreamed of going on adventures on the sea, Carrot secretly followed Luffy and his crew when they left Zou, and together they went to Whole Cake Island to rescue Sanji. While escaping from Whole Cake Island, Carrot transformed into her “Sulong” form and successfully incapacitated the fleet led by Daifuku.

One Piece

In 2023, Lightyear Studio released their first “One Piece” statue product, which includes a rare copyright Carrot statue. The Carrot Sulong statue has many surprises, here are some of them:

  1. The statue’s details are very precise, accurately reproducing Carrot’s appearance in her Sulong form. From her golden fur to the wild aura she exudes, the statue captures every aspect of Carrot’s unique character.

  2. The statue is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last for years to come. The statue is made from durable materials and is designed to withstand wear and tear, making it a great addition to any collection.

  3. The statue is highly collectible, as it is a rare and exclusive product that will only be available for a limited time. This makes it a must-have for any fan of “One Piece” and collectors of high-quality statues.

  4. The statue comes with unique and exciting features, such as LED lights that light up Carrot’s eyes and a special base that recreates the dramatic scene from Whole Cake Island.

Overall, the Carrot Sulong statue from Lightyear Studio is an exceptional product that captures the spirit of “One Piece” and the unique character of Carrot. It is a must-have for any fan of the series and is sure to become a cherished addition to any collection.

One Piece

The design of the Carrot Sulong statue is based on the scene in the original story where the Straw Hat crew escaped from Whole Cake Island aboard the Sunny Go. In order to ensure the crew’s successful escape and to prevent Pedro from sacrificing himself in vain, Carrot transformed into her Sulong form under the full moon.

Bathed in the silver light of the moon, Carrot stands tall on the wreckage of a destroyed ship, surrounded by crackling lightning. Her hair and tail sway in the wind, and she exudes a powerful aura that is both fierce and majestic.

One Piece

As a member of the Mink tribe, Carrot is a born warrior, with strength and speed that surpasses that of an average person. In her Sulong form, her attributes are significantly enhanced. The action design of the “Carrot Sulong” statue not only captures the dynamic tension of her character’s movements, but also emphasizes her beauty, with her snow-white skin, long legs, and proud posture all clearly visible.

The floating design of her feet and the flowing hair and tail add a sense of movement to the entire statue, making it even more dynamic.

One Piece

When sculpting the head, we tried our best to capture Carrot’s adorable features from the original work. To enhance the statue’s sense of presence, we also designed a combat head sculpt as a replacement option.

In the sculpting and painting of Carrot’s hair and tail, we focused on creating a sense of flow and depth. The detailing of the character’s joints, clothing wrinkles, and fur texture also adds a lot of depth and detail to the statue.

One PieceThe base of the statue features transparent parts that create the fluidity of the waves and the lines of the splashes. With the added lighting effects, the base appears even more transparent and sparkling. The design of the white splashing waves, paired with the position of the wreckage of the ship, creates a more impactful overall look for the statue. The helm, broken ship body, and other details are all given an aged and weathered appearance. The burnt flag and rising smoke add to the sense of battle happening in the moment. The glowing design of the waves and moon fully immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of Carrot’s battle on a moonlit night. One Piece

Studio: Lightyear Studio

Licensee: Shanghai Toei Animation

Work Title: “One Piece”

Product Name: “Carrot · Moon Lion”

Pre-order open Date: March 17, 2023, 19:00

Product Materials: polystone, imported high-transparency resin, imported PU, transparent PU

Product Size: 60cm (H) x 58cm (W) x 59cm (D)

52cm (H) x 58cm (W) x 55cm (D) [moon pedestal size after disassembly]

Pre-order Price: 5380 CNY ($820.75USD)

Box Contents: Certificate of authenticity, brush, gloves, commemorative coin, statue

Shipping Date: 3rd quarter of 2023

Delivery Method: Default SF Express (pay on delivery)


  1. Double head sculpt, with replaceable battle head sculpt. Comes with a small base for the head sculpt.

  2. Transparent pedestal with illuminated moon and detachable moon base.

One Piece One Piece One Piece One Piece One Piece One Piece One Piece One Piece One Piece One Piece

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