Review of the Gorgeous Pacific Rim Statue

A Detailed Look at the Standard, EX, and EX PRO Versions

by Gkloop
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Pacific Rim

After releasing the “Storm Crimson” and “Eureka Assault” models in the Pacific Rim series, WayStudios has brought another full-body model in the same series, the “Dangerous Wanderer”. Its biggest selling point is the addition of an electric function. This is the perfect statue for any Pacific Rim fans. Let’s take a look at how it performs together!

Just like the previous two products in the same series, this product also comes in three versions: Standard, EX, and EX PRO.

The specific configuration differences between the three versions are as follows:

The Standard version only has the turbine on the mech’s chest that can light up, and it doesn’t come with any weapon accessories. Additionally, only a few official images have been released for the Standard version. Therefore, let’s focus on the other two EX versions. This Dangerous Wanderer stands at approximately 96cm tall, making it quite large in terms of size. It is constructed using polystone material. It’s worth mentioning that the EX versions come with two additional sets of replacement hands for weapon states on top of what’s included in the Standard version. First up is the chain sword, which has been designed with good attention to detail. The surface has also been given a weathered paint job. In addition, it also comes with the iconic plasma cannon. In terms of the lighting mechanism, only the turbine on the chest can light up in the Standard version. However, in the EX versions, all of the mech’s lighting features can be illuminated. The monster Knifehead on the base and the water also have illuminated spots in the EX versions. When all the lights are turned on, the visual effect is indeed impressive. The rocket thrusters on the back and elbows also include flame effects that can light up, allowing for a great representation of the scene where the Dangerous Wanderer punches with its right hand.

Next, let’s take a look at the appearance of the Dangerous Wanderer itself.

The overall design follows the original design, and the level of detail is quite good, resulting in a faithful representation.

The mechanical structures and numerous rivet details on the armor surface are also well-crafted and accurately depicted. Additionally, there’s also weathering paint applied to create the worn and aged look. In addition to the water and monster Knifehead, the base also includes rubble and damaged cargo container details. Of course, the base also has numerous mechanical details and even features the Dangerous Wanderer’s logo on the front. Finally, let’s take a look at the performance of the EX PRO version. The EX PRO version is limited to a total of 99 pieces worldwide, and its configuration is as follows.

The biggest selling point of this version is the inclusion of motorized functions.

The nuclear turbine engine on the chest can actually rotate thanks to the motorized function, making it quite entertaining.
In addition, the EX PRO version also comes with a damaged cockpit and chest armor that can be replaced to recreate the battle-damaged appearance.

Interestingly, through the broken face mask, you can see the details of the pilot inside.

That’s correct! The damaged head cockpit also comes with a separate display base.

Overall, the performance of this Dangerous Wandering Warrior is good. If you have collected their Pacific Rim series before, then I believe you will not miss this product anyway.

The official price of the standard version is 13,999 yuan ($2,099.85USD), the EX version is 17,999 yuan ($2,699.85USD), and the EX PRO version is 20,999 yuan ($3,149.85USD).

In my personal opinion, I would recommend the two EX versions first because the configuration of the standard version is a bit simple.

But the price of this statue is already not cheap, and the differences and price gaps between the versions are also significant. So it ultimately depends on your own practical situation when deciding which one to choose.

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