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Saint Seiya

The large-scale resonance Five Little Strong Guardians of the Sanctuary Athena series, created by Tsume over many years, has officially released the third bronze Saint Seiya in the 1/4 series, “HQS+Phoenix Ikki” new statue, following Pegasus Seiya and Andromeda Shun. This new product is located behind Shun in the resonance image, forming a strong visual support platform. Phoenix Ikki replaces his younger brother Shun to receive Saint training on Death Queen Island. During his six-year devil-like training, he could never “hate” despite losing his beloved girl, Esmeralda. He also abandoned his tears and eventually killed his own master, Gu Ludie, to obtain the Phoenix Bronze Cloth. However, while gaining the qualification of a Saint, he also left only hatred in his heart, as Gu Ludie intentionally ignited Ikki’s shocked anger and told him that the Light Government was dead and he couldn’t even avenge himself. This ultimately caused Ikki’s hatred to spiral out of control, leading him to decide to use the power of the Phoenix to seek revenge.Saint Seiya

Tsume Phoenix Ikki HQS+ Saint Seiya resonance statue is now available for limited pre-sale.

Scale: 1/4

Materials: High-grade resin, PVC

Global Limitation: 1800 pieces

Official price: 624.16EUROS

Product dimensions: L36W37H46 cm (total height with base is 61 cm)

Domestic pre-sale time: 17:00, March 22, 2023

Estimated shipping time: 3rd quarter of 2024 to 2nd quarter of 2025Saint SeiyaAs the older brother of the Saint Seiya of the constellation of Virgo, he covers his back while training on the terrifying Death Queen Island to avoid his younger brother, and transforms himself into a powerful warrior. On the front lines fighting alongside Athena, Ikki acquires the Phoenix Bronze Armor through the assassination of his mentor, Guilty. This armor possesses regenerative abilities that surpass even the Gold Cloth. Additionally, Ikki, with his fiery temperament, comes with interchangeable effect parts, showcasing his small cosmos energy ready to ignite the battlefield in translucent flame-colored resin. Saint Seiya Saint SeiyaAs the older brother of Shun, the Saint of the Andromeda constellation, Ikki’s golden, pink, and blue-silver armor perfectly complements his eyebrows and eyes, shimmering with a dazzling light. The red stone adorns his trident-shaped helmet, highlighting the determined gaze of this powerful warrior. When Ikki first appeared in the series, he wore a blue mask, and his mischievous smile triggered conflicts. With the ability to be reborn from his own flames, he would not hesitate to turn his enemies into ashes.Saint Seiya Saint Seiya Saint Seiya

Behind him is a metallic grey Phoenix Cloth box, which, as the phoenix spreads its wings, symbolizes the knightly spirit and the cosmic spirit on the other side of the box’s wall. A column of the Athena Temple collapsed in front of this terrible saint, proving his attacking position. From the ground of the holy place, we can distinguish the Phoenix constellation carved in stone, and in front of the pedestal, we discovered the emblem of this legendary bird and its name written in ancient Greek on the temple.Saint Seiya Saint Seiya

The front part of the base is interchangeable, allowing the Phoenix Constellation plate to appear or not appear on the rocky ground. Equipped with an additional stone platform to raise the statue to an impressive height of 61cm, Phoenix Ikki resonates together in the three-dimensional model composed of Athena and her Bronze Saints, defending the great protector of the Sanctuary!

Saint Seiya Saint Seiya Saint Seiya Saint Seiya Saint Seiya Saint Seiya Saint Seiya


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