HunYu Studios March 7th Figure

Meet the Mysterious Ice-Carved Heroine and Her 67 Origin Stories from Honkai: Star Rail

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HunYu Studios March 7th

March 7th – HunYu Studios

March 7th – HunYu Studios: March 7th is a four-star ice attribute life-saving character in the game Honkai: Star Rail,” launched in version 1.0. “A girl who once slept in eternal ice, knowing nothing about her past. In order to find the truth about her origin, she chooses to travel with the Astral Express Crew. Currently, she has prepared about sixty-seven ‘origin’ stories for herself.

HunYu Studios March 7th

A quirky young girl who believes she should be passionate about everything girls her age “should be passionate about,” such as taking photos.

HunYu Studios March 7th

Awakening from a drifting eternal ice, she finds herself knowing nothing about her origin and past. After a brief period of depression, she decides to name herself after the date she regained her new life.  On this day, March 7th “came to life.”

HunYu Studios March 7thHunYu Studios March 7th

Upon closer inspection, the skin’s makeup is also well done, and the shading of the skin color looks very good, with surging waves about to burst forth.

HunYu Studios March 7th

Not only has the abdominal muscles been stretched, but also the details of the skin texture. The light blue skirt is also depicted with wrinkles and the flowers on the skirt are colorful.

HunYu Studios March 7th HunYu Studios March 7th

There aren’t a lot of figures for March 7th figures out there, and this studio has done a great job faithfully recreating this character.  Fans of the character or the Honkai: Star Rail series may want to keep their eyes on this figure.

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