T-H Studio Monkey Garp Figure

Exploring the Heroic Feats and Enduring Legacy of Monkey D. Garp, the Legendary Navy Vice Admiral

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T-H Studio Monkey Garp

Monkey Garp – T-H Studio

Monkey Garp – T-H Studio: Monkey D. Garp, a character in the Japanese manga “One Piece” and its derivative works. Vice Admiral and New Recruit Trainer at Marine Headquarters. A legendary figure in the Navy, also known in the world as “Garp the Fist.”

T-H Studio Monkey Garp

38 years ago, he single-handedly blocked the unstoppable attack of Rocks D. Xebec in God Valley, and together with Roger, he destroyed the entire pirate crew, earning him the title of “Hero of the Marines.” It is said that Garp pushed the Pirate King Roger to the brink several times and became a new recruit trainer for the Navy after the Summit War.

T-H Studio Monkey Garp

Garp always appears to be drinking tea, eating snacks, and looking “idle,” but despite his heroic reputation, he is actually a person of both intelligence and courage. He has a far-sighted perspective and a very accurate grasp of world trends.

T-H Studio Monkey Garp

Garp, who has taken off his cape, exudes an overwhelming aura with his extraordinary physical prowess.

T-H Studio Monkey Garp

As well as the white version, the sculpting of the hands is well done. Combining Armament Haki with Conqueror’s Haki, the black lightning around him symbolizes the strength of a powerhouse.

T-H Studio Monkey Garp

The facial details, including the hairstyle, closely follow the animation’s design. The layers and sharpness of the hairstyle are also very well done, and there is still some articulation in the mouth.

T-H Studio Monkey Garp T-H Studio Monkey Garp

The head sculpture of the white elderly version of Garp will be optimized, enhancing the sense of age and optimizing wrinkles, facial width, and other details.

T-H Studio Monkey Garp

For fans who like Garp, you may want to keep an eye out on this figure!

T-H Studio Monkey Garp

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