Tsume Announces New Kisame Hoshigaki Figure

Experience the Power of the Ocean with Tsume's Latest Creation

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Kisame Kisame

Tsume has officially released a new product in the HQS battle resonance series of Naruto – the statue of Kisame, which forms a ninja technique battle resonance scene with the statue of Might Guy. This new product is based on the 470th episode “The Rare Beast vs The Monster: The Battle at the Eternal Amusement Park!” in the Naruto anime, and the three-dimensional design restores the classic VS showdown of the water release: giant shark bomb technique used by Kisame to attack Might Guy’s Seventh Gate of the Daytime Tiger during this battle. In the anime, Kisame created a super huge shark water release: giant shark bomb to break through Might Guy’s Daytime Tiger Chakra Wall. Two sharks attacked him, ready to tear him apart. The global limited edition is only 1200 pieces, and the pre-sale officially starts at 5 pm this afternoon. Naruto collectors who are interested should not miss this Tsume Kisame figure!


Studio: TSUME

Featured Character: Kisame Hoshigaki

Limited Quantity: 1200

Scale: 1/8

Material: High Quality Resin, PVC, and LED

Dimensions: L44*W47*H46cm

Pre-Order Price: 749.17 Euros

Estimated Release: Q3 2024

Pre-order Start: March 30th 2023

Kisame Kisame

This statue design captures the scene of Kisame using the Water Shark Bullet Technique. We can see Kisame, like the most terrifying predator lurking in the ocean, with his gills, shark skin, fin hairs, rows of sharp teeth, and a cold-blooded killer-like gaze. With the massive chakra of a tailed beast, he unleashes the insane Super Water Shark Jutsu, a huge blue transparent resin Super Shark Bullet Jutsu that resonates with the deep sea.

The emotionless Kisame stretches out his hands and creates countless sharp teeth to throw at his prey, the hungry prehistoric monster, the giant shark, to make it move quickly. This Super S-rank jutsu is a more powerful version of the Water Shark Bullet. As Kisame explained to Meitoukai, “Create a giant shark-shaped water bullet instantly with chakra, and if the water bullet is attacked physically, it will instantly absorb the chakra from the attacker’s attack and become even larger.”

Kisame Kisame KisameThe design of this new product aims to create a strong visual effect resembling an ocean wave. The interrelated LED lights highlight a beam of light shining from the shark’s guts, as if rising from the depths of the ocean. The bright LED light effect reflects through the giant teeth of the shark in the water. The confrontation between the fierce daytime tiger and the bloodthirsty shark of the Tailed Beast allows the release of the power of the ocean. It creates transparent resin ninjutsu and surging wave visual effects around the shark and its peers. Therefore, the paint will have different shades of blue. As the former partner of Uchiha Itachi, Kisame mastered all the power of water release. Regardless of the outcome of the mission, he will spare no effort to complete it successfully. Kisame Kisame Kisame Kisame Kisame Kisame Kisame Kisame Kisame Kisame

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