SWTOYS Jessica Figurine from Resident Evil

Detailed Look at the Only Jessica Figurine Available Currently

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Resident Evil

SWTOYS has opened pre-orders today for a 1/6 scale Jessica figurine from the “Resident Evil Revelations” series. She is the only Jessica figurine available currently, and is depicted wearing a sexy, skin-tight swimsuit that perfectly combines the elements of tight-fitting and exposed skin. The head sculpt and attention to detail are commendable.Resident Evil

Though only one leg is exposed, SWTOYS still uses a flexible body beneath the swimsuit for aesthetic purposes. The tight-fitting swimsuit highlights her figure, and the poses with the gun show off her sultry spy-like demeanor.Resident Evil

Compared to the game graphics, the Jessica figurine’s head sculpt has undergone significant beautification. While one strand of hair remains visible outside the diving cap, the overall facial features and expressions are more delicate and beautiful.Resident EvilResident Evil Resident Evil

The set includes an MP5 submachine gun, a Glock pistol, a dagger, a flashbang, and a first aid spray, as well as accessories such as a scope, tactical infrared, and a box of 9mm bullets.Resident Evil

The black life jacket that matches the diving suit can be hung on the upper body, making the whole set look very handsome.Resident EvilResident Evil

Of course, the most attractive part of Jessica is her beautiful legs! The designer who came up with the combination of black patent leather and bare legs is a genius, and any pose she strikes is incredibly sultry.Resident EvilResident Evil

This unique clothing design makes people unable to take their eyes off Jessica’s legs, which appear slim and slender. From the back view, the half-exposed buttocks are particularly alluring!Resident EvilResident Evil Resident Evil Resident Evil

As the only 1/6 scale Jessica figurine currently available, SWTOYS’ “Resident Evil Revelations” Jessica figurine is well worth collecting. It is priced at 862 yuan and comes with free shipping. The earliest shipment is expected to be in the fourth quarter. 


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