Seductive Maid Shuten Douji Statue

Discover the Charm of the FGO Maid Shuten Douji Statue with Seductive Loli-Style Figure

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T.X.S-studio has released a Shameful Object statue of the FGO Maid Shuten Douji, with a seductive loli-style figure featuring a small waist and a plump butt that is quite appealing. It is available in three different versions, with the high-end version including an interchangeable double body!This Maid Shuten Douji statue is 1/6 scale and stands 31 centimeters tall. The ultra-short maid skirt is full of eroticism and doesn’t completely cover the crucial parts, so you can easily appreciate the plump and juicy thighs and panties without needing to lower your viewpoint. The delicate and girlish Micro Ru figure contrasts strongly with the mature and elegant black stockings and thighs. However, this combination of pure and lustful styles is precisely what makes this Maid Shuten Douji statue so charming.The sly and lustful expression in her eyes is very alluring, and her cute little fangs and devil horns add to her charm. The slender arms of the young girl, along with the panties and tightly wrapped black stockings on her skin, are also worth admiring.

The slender and toned legs, combined with the explosive curves of her plump butt, create a wonderful chemical reaction that enhances the seductive nature of this Shuten Douji Maid statue even further! I understand. As for the view from the back, where the panties are deeply embedded into the skin, it is quite explicit and needs to be censored. However, what I find particularly appealing about this Shuten Douji Maid statue is her exaggerated hip dimensions. It makes me want her to give me a squeeze…Apart from the seductive maid outfit version, one can also choose the nude version of Shuten Douji that shows off her skin in all its glory! Although it features a petite and slender figure, the charming details of her plump and rosy buttocks are truly captivating. This, combined with her ample and bouncy hip flesh, creates a unique and alluring charm.


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