Rose with Thorns: Phantom Thief Ann Takamaki

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Unicorn Studios have released their new resin statue of Ann Takamaki from Megami Tensei Series

The Megami Tensei series is a Japanese video game franchise developed and published by Atlus. It began with the original digital demon summoning game, Megami Tensei, released in 1987. It has since released more than two dozen titles across multiple platforms. The series is known for its deep and engaging stories, which often explore themes such as religion, psychology, and mythology. It also features frequent collaborations with well-known Japanese artists, such as the illustrations of the Shin Megami Tensei artbook and the character designs of the Persona series. The series has been adapted into various other media, such as anime, manga, and stage plays. And the statue we are presenting today, Ann Takamaki, is no doubt one of the most popular characters in Persona Series.

Ann Takamaki, a fiercely independent and outspoken woman who has a strong sense of justice, is a part of the Phantom Thieves, a group of teenagers who use their abilities to steal the hearts of corrupt adults. She is capable of transforming into a powerful panther-like creature, Pseudo Kamui, and is known for her confidence and her fighting skills. Ann has a complex and troubled past which makes her a well-rounded and layered character. She is an iconic and relatable character who appeals to many fans of the series.

Let’s get back to the stunning statue itself. Ann is standing with a whipping pose, with one of her leg kneeling on a heart-shaped chair. Her body is covered with red patent leather bodysuit, and a cat mask on her face. Her hand is holding a long whip, ready to punish anyone who act unjustly.

The general structure of this statue is already shockingly sexy, but the details are even more intriguing. First of all, the luster of her jumpsuit is perfectly restored, which seems like real leather. And beneath the stunning shell is her curvy body shape, with a cat tail decoration hanging under her waist. The metal connection is also restored carefully.

Besides, the seams and metal zippers of her onesie are very detailed. It seems even like real clothes!

What’s more, the studio even recreated the pattern on the bottom of her boots. Her gloves and boots are also shiny, covered with paint that mimics the feel of patent leather.

And the whiskey bottle on the base shows some matured atmosphere of “adult only”.


The Ann Takamaki resin statue is made with high detail and quality that fans of the series will appreciate. The color palette is bright and vibrant, making the statue stand out and catch the eye of those who see it. The groomed hair and detailed facial features are especially beautiful and depict the character perfectly. The statue also stands at a whopping 53cm tall, which makes it an impressive addition to any collection.

Overall, this is a must-have for any fan of the Megami Tensei series. The Unicorn Studios Ann Takamaki resin statue is an exact replication of the well-loved Phantom Thief and an impressive addition to any collection. With her vibrant colors and detailed features, it is sure to stand out in any room.

Phantom Thief Ann Takamaki – Unicorn Studios

Material: Resin + PU + ABS + Alloy

Size: H53 * D43 * L41cm Estimated

Limited to 188pcs in TOTAL

Will release in Q4 (December) 2023 estimated.

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