Deyin Studios Recoome Figure

Unveiling the Power and Impact of Recoome in the Dragon Ball Universe

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Deyin Studios Recoome

Recoome – Deyin Studios

Recoome – Deyin Studios: Recoome is a character from the classic Japanese anime “Dragon Ball” and its derivative works. He is a member of the Ginyu Force in the Frieza Army and has the same level of strength as Burter and Jeice. Under Frieza’s orders, he went to Namek to collect Dragon Balls and once single-handedly defeated Vegeta, Son Gohan, and Krillin. However, he was struck down by an unimaginable and shocking blow from Son Goku, who arrived in time with greatly increased power. After Jeice fled, Recoome was killed by Vegeta.

Deyin Studios Recoome

The facial features, including the hairstyle, follow the design of the animation very well. Recoome keeps a pineapple-shaped hairstyle. He also has a sense of humor and makes a very funny entrance.

Deyin Studios Recoome

The overall presentation has a somewhat charming and humorous feel, and the character design is full of dynamic energy. The layers and sharpness of the hairstyle are well done, and there are also details of water mouth alignment.

Deyin Studios Recoome Deyin Studios Recoome

The muscle lines are very full and aesthetically pleasing! There are also details of skin texture. The main body is dressed in black clothing, and the smoothness and other details of the clothing are also reflected. The corresponding wrinkle texture is portrayed very well.

Deyin Studios Recoome

The details of the clothing are also well presented up close, and the overall part of the clothing is differentiated in color from the injured parts of the body. The colors and textures have been carefully considered to create such a sense of realism.

Deyin Studios Recoome Deyin Studios Recoome

Overall, this work is very well-crafted, so if you like it, you can give it a go!

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