Revenge is not Easy: 1/7 Scale Aki Hayakawa Statue

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Myethos has revealed a new 1/7 Aki Hayakawa statue from Chainsaw Man

*SPOILER ALERT: The content below contains spoiler that includes the death of an important character.

Myethos has opened pre-order for a new statue of Aki Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man today. The blood-stained shape is quite a savage with the chopped zombie limbs on the floor. And above it, Aki is sitting on a chair with his slightly decadent face, which is also very handsome!

This figure is in 1/7 scale and 19.5 cm in height. It is shaped like a moment of relaxation after killing the enemy. Myethos’s portrayal of Aki’s figure is slenderer than the animation, and the face carving and charm are also more neutral. At first glance, it seems to be a collection that is biased towards the favor of female fans.

The blood-stained painting of Aki Hayakawa’s whole body is very realistic. From the cheeks and neck to the shirt, hands, trousers and sneakers, there are blood splatter effects all over the body. Although the subject is in a relaxed sitting position, you can still feel the intensity and bloodiness of the previous fight.

Let‘s take a closer look: this face sculpture highlights Aki’s softness and decadence. You can feel a trace of fatigue in his clear eyes, and the lips with a cigarette in his mouth are portrayed delicately. There’s no doubt that Himeno-senpai had a crush on him.


However, compared to the more muscular style in the animation, the appearance of the statue is closer to in the comics of Chainsaw Man. So I feel that although the figure has some style adjustments, the overall restoration is still good.

It is a pity that the English words “Easy revenge!” are missing from the cigarette in Aki Hayakawa’s mouth. But it should be that the size is too small to print, which is completely understandable.


Now, let’s get a total aspect. The drooping shoulders, sagging hands and decadent expression together create a sense of powerlessness. Even though he has killed the demon, Himeno-senpai can never be resurrected…

The details of the bloodstains on the katana are also very exciting. The bloodstains on the handle of the blade just echo Aki’s bloody hands, which makes people feel more substituting. In addition, the blood on the ankle is also very carefully painted.

From the rear perspective, you can also feel the exhaustion after the war conveyed in the picture from the suit hanging obliquely on the back of the chair. Every small detail is well arranged.


The 1/7 Scale Aki Hayakawa Statue by Myethos Studios is 19.5 cm in height. Will release in Q4 (December) 2023 approximately.

1/7 Scale Aki Hayakawa – Myethos Studios 

Material: PVC + ABS + Metal

Scale: 1/7 Scale

Size: Total Height 19.5cm Estimated (Including Base)


Will release in Q4 (December) 2023 estimated.

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