UNiQUE ART’s Stunning Jujutsu Kaisen Sculpture

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Come and face the extreme pressure of Fukuma Mizushi in real life!

    UNiQUE ART has officially launched its latest large-scale authorized sculpture, the first public visual image scene made in front of the Fukuma Mizushi of the main character, Itadori Yuji and Ryomen Sukuna, standing in a back-to-back posture. The sculpture will three-dimensionally depict Yuji in a neat blue magical university uniform with an eye-catching red hood collar and the Ryomen Sukuna in a wide kimono suit.

    The studio restores Itadori Yuji’s signature hairstyle and facial features, with lips closed and a slightly downward serious expression, but eyes particularly determined, clenched fists and slightly raised hands vividly presenting a dynamic image of ready to attack.

    Ryomen Sukuna’s pink spiked short hair is more neat, red pupils looking backward, sharp claws protruding from the wide sleeve hand palms, and the open mouth corner with a proud facial expression making him even more arrogant.

    Yuji’s dignified posture seems unafraid of the danger of the Curse King Ryomen Sukuna behind him, and Ryomen Sukuna’s playful posture makes it difficult to grasp. The overall picture is full of story feeling.

    This scene modeling is based on Sukuna’s character setting of the TV animation “Jujutsu Kaisen”. Fukuma Mizushi scene is built on a pile of skull bones, four open mouths, skulls everywhere, creating a sense of hell.

    In combination with the animation reference and modification suggestion, the traditional flying-eave building structure is carefully crafted in terms of the number and size of the overlapping curved wood beams on the roof beams. Two small skulls hanging from the corner beams add to the sense of presence. They even make some dark green dust decorations covering the dead corners of the building.

    What’s more, Irregular white splashes are added to increase details. The front and back ridge is covered with intertwined biological skulls, and the old treatment is done at the finger joints. The red paint is applied to the inner teeth part, and the corrosion is expressed by needle holes. The skulls are wrapped with a pair of claws, and the claws are also treated very delicately.

    Additionally, the overall column portion is painted by the influence of the ambient light, with a fine depiction of depth on the simple column, transitioning from blue to yellow, orange, and red from bottom to top, and a deep basin mouth placed between the columns, taking a cue from the structure of the real human jaw, with the enamel portion transitioning to green-gray and the roots portion painted in black to deepen the connection with the gums.

    The cracked cow skulls are stacked in layers, while retaining the original color and melting the muddy soil color into it. The aging treatment of the cow bone is influenced by the ambient light, and the deepening of the paint is used to express the performance of degradation and peeling in the cracked and interlocking parts. Uneven small holes are scattered everywhere, giving a full feeling of vicissitudes.

    The brushstroke feeling is transformed into a three-dimensional sense, connecting the columns with flat lines, and then expressing the fluorescent effect from bottom to top with green, yellow, and red. Unlike the treatment of the corner of the roof beams, the wooden corner at the bottom has also undergone environmental color painting. Studio also makes the root dark and paints the top bright to make it more obvious.

  UNiQUE ART’s latest sculpture was a work of art. The image displayed both Itadori Yuji’s courageous determination and Ryomen Sukuna’s arrogant haughtiness in a vivid and dynamic manner. The scene detailing was breathtaking, from the realistic color transition of column to the crumbling skulls and two small skulls hanging from the corners. The sculpture enables viewers to appreciate not just the character settings from the TV animation “Jujutsu Kaisen” but also UNiQUE ART’s dedication and skill in transforming this scene into a powerful three-dimensional structure. It is surely worth the price.

Licensed Yuji Itadori & Ryomen Sukuna – Unique Art Studios

Materials: Resin + PU + PVC + ABS

Size: H84 * D73 * L73cm Estimated

Weight: 46.55kg Estimated

Limited to 299pcs

Will release in Q1 (March) 2024 estimated.

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