Acy Studio Mai Shiranui Figure

Dive into the Exquisite Details of the Iconic SNK Character

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Acy Studio Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui – Acy Studio

Mai Shiranui – Acy Studio: Mai Shiranui is a character from the popular fighting game series “King of Fighters” and “Fatal Fury,” developed by SNK.

Acy Studio Mai Shiranui

The skin texture is very realistic, and the facial sculpting is finely detailed and worth appreciating. The makeup is three-dimensionally vibrant and lifelike. The muscle lines on the thighs are clearly visible.

Acy Studio Mai Shiranui

The back not only features stretched muscle lines but also includes detailed skin texture, highlighting her body shape. The details of the outfit’s smoothness are also well represented.

Acy Studio Mai Shiranui

The facial features, including the hairstyle, follow the anime design well. The captivating eyes, delicate mouth, and rosy cheeks make the facial features very dynamic. Shadows have been applied to enhance the three-dimensional effect.

Acy Studio Mai Shiranui

The platform has a tiled roof, meticulously depicted to be lifelike in both details and paint finish. It matches the overall statue harmoniously.

Acy Studio Mai Shiranui Acy Studio Mai Shiranui

The muscle lines of the character are depicted distinctly. Although they are relatively slender, they accurately portray firm and powerful muscles with delicate lines.

Acy Studio Mai Shiranui

To match the dynamic pose, the lower part of the outfit appears slightly fluttering. For the exposed parts of the body, besides depicting muscle lines, the texture of real skin is simulated using painting techniques, effectively highlighting her body shape.

Acy Studio Mai Shiranui

Upon closer inspection, the clarity of the muscle lines and the excellent portrayal of the layered skin texture are even more visually striking. Overall, the details of this figurine are very well crafted.

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