LAPUTA Studios Porco Rosso Figure

Unveiling LAPUTA's Heartwarming Masterpiece: The Porco Rosso Statue of Love and Light

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LAPUTA Studios Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso – LAPUTA Studios

Porco Rosso – LAPUTA Studios: LAPUTA’s Studio Ghibli series today released a statue of “Porco Rosso.” The scene depicting Fio kissing Porco is filled with warmth and youthful true feelings. Paired with exquisite lighting and the gentle melody of a music box, this unique romantic piece is truly worth cherishing!

LAPUTA Studios Porco Rosso

This statue is 31.5 cm long and 25 cm high. LAPUTA vividly captures the surprising and heartwarming scene from “Porco Rosso.” For all fans who have watched the animation, it should bring a smile to your face.

LAPUTA Studios Porco Rosso

Late at night, under the oil lamp, Porco, wiping bullets, is suddenly kissed by Fio, breaking the spell and restoring his human form. This kiss can be said to be a sincere and beautiful expression of the girl’s emotions, echoing the second kiss between the two characters at the end of the animation.

This unexpected scene, set against the yellowish lamplight, appears even more sweet and warm. The shining rows of bullets, props like cigarettes and red wine, perfectly recreate the original animation. Every detail is worthy of savoring.

LAPUTA Studios Porco Rosso

The statue has a built-in lithium battery, and the light of the oil lamp and the handle of the music box can be linked. When you turn the music box, the light will gradually illuminate with the music, creating a very romantic atmosphere!

LAPUTA Studios Porco Rosso

The base of the statue is made of European A-grade walnut, and it has a built-in all-copper music box mechanism. It includes a 1 minute and 30-second classic music piece from “Porco Rosso” anime, which can be played slowly by turning the handle.

LAPUTA Studios Porco Rosso

For fans of Studio Ghibli, this is a figure you definitely will not want to miss!

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