Dorobou Neko Studio Angewomon Painting

Unveiling the Mythical Beauty and Power of Angewomon from Digimon

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Dorobou Neko Studio Angewomon

Angewomon – Dorobou Neko Studio

Angewomon – Dorobou Neko Studio: Angewomon is a fictional creature that appeared in the cross-platform product “Digimon,” developed by Bandai. She made her appearance in the anime “Digimon Adventure” and its derivative works “Digimon Adventure 02,” “Digimon Adventure tri.,” and “Digimon Adventure:.” She is partnered with Hikari Yagami in these series.

Dorobou Neko Studio Angewomon

A Digitama with a beautiful female figure. Formerly classified as an Angel-type, but due to her high capabilities, she is now clearly identified as a Great Angel-type. The complete form of an Angel has eight wings. She has a very gentle personality.

Dorobou Neko Studio Angewomon

She does not tolerate injustice and evil, and she will not hold back her attacks if her opponents do not repent. This spirit and power are said to be a goddess-like presence in the Digital World.

Dorobou Neko Studio Angewomon

The abdomen not only has muscle lines stretched, but also has details of skin texture. The pink and white wings depict a layered texture and the detailing of muscle tension on the thighs.

Dorobou Neko Studio Angewomon

In addition to some muscle lines on the exposed parts of the body, paint is used to simulate the texture of real skin, and shading is applied to enrich the texture.

Dorobou Neko Studio Angewomon

Overall, it’s a pretty good piece of artwork. Fans of Digimon may want to keep their eyes on this!

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